Tips on caring for your new boat.


We had some questions brought to us recently about the proper care of your boat. That has made us decide to make a list for washing your craft after use or regularly. A new buyer who is curious about some great steps and tips on caring for your new boat? Let’s get into it!

This will allow you to protect your investment as well as, in some cases, save some money in the present while creating a better experience on the water. Just like wish every vehicle, but even more so with watercraft, washing is very important for longevity. If you are running in saltwater the damage from not washing may show its nasty head quick. With a short list for a quick start, we can help you preserve your investment from us and maybe get some extra bucks on your trade-in when you want to upgrade!


Before you bring soap into the mix, rinse. Rinse again. Just like soaking dishes before you do them, except don’t forget about your boat after rinsing, you want to put a little bit of moisture on those hard to scrub specs or grimy areas. It’s going to make your life easier and your boat looking much better when you take your friends out on the water. Walk around and give it a heavy soaking getting ready for soaping!

Wash the Hull

Your hull takes the most wear and tear. From sun to water, in and out, friction, use, it’s just a fact that it needs some love on the washing side. To me washing the hull seems like an obvious step but I have seen many no take care of it. Almost as if they think it is the most durable point of the boat, so they think it needs the least amount of care. Cleaning your hull has more advantages than you may think. A clean, slick hull will save you money on fuel and improve your performance on the water. Don’t skip this one. You’ll have a hull of a day realizing your mistakes in a few years!

Clean your carpets

If your fishing boat, or any boat, has carpets, take care of them! They can take so much abuse from day to day. Muddy boots and fish slime are just a couple of things that land on your carpets almost every trip! Using some soap and water then rinsing thoroughly is going to preserve them and make your boat more appealing to the next buyer. Also, all those trips you plan are going to be more enjoyable when you decide to take your shoes off and go barefoot on deck.

Engine Cleaning

Engine cleaning can be specific and specialized. Putting some effort into just keeping it clean in the areas that are visible and exposed can help. Using a light soap is recommended here. Some say that even using dish soap with some water is great. Don’t go too crazy but any little bit helps if you are looking to be ambitious!


There are a few sources around that say to make sure you clean your boats monthly. Honestly, we suggest you take it a little further than that. After every use would be perfect but the time is not always there for everybody to do just that. We do suggest a rinse after every use, especially if you are in saltwater. You want that salt off the boat because it can cause damage quickly and nobody wants that! Depending on use, once a week is what we are going to say you should do. You really want to protect your purchase. We can’t call it an investment if the value depreciates quicker than you can get to that honey hole of a fishing spot you love!


This has been a common theme in this post for a reason. Rinsing with Fresh Water is important. It gets rid of all those shenanigans you got up to while out on the water today! Mud, muck, scum, vegetation, bugs, mussels, anything that may have stuck to you. It also forces you to do a heavy and needed check all around your boat. See if there is any damage or something that needs to be addressed that you may have missed while it was in storage or just sitting in the back yard while you were not using it. Very important stuff and a great habit to have.

Finish with finish

Depending on what type of boat you are running will depend on what type of finish you use. Cleaning, rinsing, drying then finishing will keep your investment at a great value as well as looking sharp. Peace of mind can come in many ways. Proper finish for your hull, seats, carpets, windows, metals, plastics, fibers are going to make you love your boat more every day. It will also make the next person love your boat quick so you can upgrade when it’s time! Because we all know, this isn’t your last.

We hope that if you have purchased your first boat, or are thinking about it, that this helps you get started in taking care of your purchase. We want to see you enjoying everything from us at LJ Patterson Sales every day and for a long time to come! These are just the beginning for cleaning and care of your vessel. If you want to go deep with cleaning, nothing is certainly stopping you. Educate yourself and you won’t regret it. Your boat will last longer, perform better, and cost less in the long run. You most likely will see a larger return when you decide to move on to the next one as well! Your money is in your hands! Safe travels and we will see you next time with some great tips or maybe even a story! Have fun out there!

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